Australia’s first independent workplace ombuds service

At Ombpoint, we empower employees by offering a safe space to discuss workplace issues, helping them navigate a path toward healthy conflict resolution. Our workplace advisers are experienced in effectively resolving and managing workplace issues and use coaching techniques to provide both the skills and confidence for employees to proactively resolve issues. By amalgamating and anonymising data on workplace issues, we identify early trends in workplace culture and impending risks, enabling employers to take informed action. Ombpoint is backed by Kingston Reid, Australia’s largest national specialist workplace law firm. 

As a trusted adviser, Ombpoint is:


Employee identity is not disclosed to the employer and all discussions are strictly confidential.


We act in good faith, independent of the employee’s organisation.


We do not take sides. We always seek to address the issue and its cause.


All discussions are off the record and do not trigger any formal proceedings.

An important adviser in your workplace support network

At Ombpoint we partner with your EAP services, People and Culture/HR departments and other support partners in managing workplace issues, we don’t replace them.  In most cases we are the first port of call for an employee when they are confronting a workplace issue, and we can often prevent the issue from escalating to other more intensive or expensive processes.

What we do

Solutions – we provide ideas and suggestions to an employee to help them deal with the issue or conflict, including helping them to navigate the organisation’s policies and practices.

Preventative – we address the situation before it escalates to a formal complaint.

Independent – we are not influenced by organisational dynamics and can address issues at face value  – helping build skills for effective problem solving.

Confidential – no identifying information is ever shared.

Sounding board – sometimes all an employee needs is someone to listen.

What we don’t do

Investigator – we don’t conduct investigations.

Mediator – we don’t mediate disputes between employees and employers.

Psychological support – we don’t provide psychology services and refer employees to other support services for this.

Trainer – we don’t provide training for systemic issues.

Appeals – we don’t act as an appeal mechanism for employees.

Ombpoint helps employees and employers identify and navigate workplace conflict

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