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Organisations in Australia are experiencing:

Early intervention is key

In most cases, these conflicts can be resolved through a single conversation which provides actionable guidance and support. But in many cases, employees are not equipped or confident to start the conversation. 

What we offer

“Most workplace disputes come about because the issues are not addressed early and in an effective way. Ombpoint supports employees, and ultimately employers in intervening early – which supports better interpersonal relationships, team dynamics and the culture of the organisation.”

Lindall West, Managing Director, Ombpoint

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Solving workplace issues

Many workplace issues can lead to serious reputational and financial outcomes for an organisation and serious well-being concerns for 
your employees. 

Ombpoint ensures employees are equipped to manage the early intervention conversations and that employers are more aware of trending workplace issues. 

Ombpoint is a proven global model

The independent workplace ombuds is part of a growing worldwide trend and is widely recognised as the hallmark of an ethical organisation. 

With significant uptake in USA, Canada and Europe, the use of an organisational workplace ombuds is already delivering value and fostering stronger cultures for a diverse range of major multinational organisations.

In Australia, the concept is still new and Ombpoint is a pioneer in this marketplace, with clients spanning national sporting organisations, professional services firms and  leading financial and consumer brands. 

An important piece in your employee engagement program

At Ombpoint we partner with your EAP services, HR departments and other support partners in managing workplace issues.

“Our advisers are trained to know when a matter needs escalating. In this case we partner with your established EAP or legal partners or if necessary, we can recommend providers to best meet your needs. Our aim is to reduce the number of complaints that require escalation by arming your employees with the skills and confidence to address these issues at an early stage.”

Lindall West, Managing Director, Ombpoint

Ombpoint helps employees and employers identify and navigate workplace conflict

Find out more about Australia’s first organisational workplace ombuds service.

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