Creating a safe place for your employees

As a trusted adviser, Ombpoint helps your employees navigate a path toward healthy conflict resolution by outlining clear, actionable steps. By delivering an independent, impartial, confidential and informal service, we remove the barriers that may prevent your employees from raising issues that are affecting their performance and wellbeing.

How we help your organisation

Our five step process


The employee contacts a trusted Ombpoint adviser to raise their concern.


The Ombpoint adviser helps the employee explore and analyse their concerns including the context of the issue, its cause and effect, and determines potential options for resolution.


The Ombpoint adviser suggests resources and provides actionable steps to help the employee resolve the conflict internally, including utilising the organisation’s applicable policies and procedures as a first step.


The employee is invited to check back in with their Ombpoint adviser who may provide additional support by suggesting further strategies or, where appropriate, guide them through the steps to make a formal internal complaint.


Ombpoint records and analyses workplace conflict data and reports regularly to employers, identifying systemic issues within the organisation and trends in the wider market that may affect their employees and workplace culture.

Insights and analysis on your business

Managing workplace culture relies increasingly on data and insights.

Ombpoint’s regular reporting delivers robust workplace complaint analysis, providing you with a clear vision of emerging issues, so you act swiftly to resolve them. Our detailed reports identify systemic trends and risks within your organisation and point to factors in the wider market that may affect your employees and workplace culture.

We recommend strategic steps to address these issues and reduce reputational and other commercial risks.

Example of anonymised report data

Ombpoint helps employees and employers identify and navigate workplace conflict

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