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We know that discussing issues at work with your employer can be challenging. Many people avoid traditional reporting routes because they don’t trust that they are effective, truly impartial or genuinely confidential.

Ombpoint provides a safe space where you can discuss workplace issues that are worrying you. We help you navigate a path toward healthy conflict resolution by outlining clear, actionable steps and strategies, and coach you through the process.

Our trusted platform is confidential, impartial and independent – we don’t discuss your matter with your organisation, we don’t make judgements and we always remain completely independent of your organisation.

A single conversation with an Ombpoint adviser can help you move forward.

How Ombpoint works - Our 5 step process


You contact a trusted Ombpoint adviser to discuss your concern. Our commitment to you is confidentiality and nothing you tell us will go back to your employer.


Your Ombpoint adviser will help you explore and analyse your concerns. Your adviser will explore the context of the issue, its cause and effect, and determine potential options for resolution.


Your Ombpoint adviser will get some clarity as to the outcome you want and suggest resources and provide actionable steps to help you resolve the conflict internally, including utilising your organisation’s applicable policies and procedures as a first step.


You can check back in with your Ombpoint adviser at any time. Your adviser may provide additional support by suggesting further strategies or, where appropriate, guide you through the steps to make a formal internal complaint.

Aggregate reporting

All the information we collect is anonymised and collated in aggregate to be shared with your employer so they can learn more about the overall trends within your workplace. Your name, details and our conversations are never shared.

Example of anonymised report data

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Ombpoint helps employees and employers identify and navigate workplace conflict

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